Key Issues

Economic Development

Jerry currently chairs the economic development committee and authored legislation to legalize sports betting in Massachusetts that will bring in millions of dollars to support our communities, provide hundreds of jobs and ensure those who suffer from gambling addiction get the services they need. He supported hundreds of millions of dollars to support the green energy economy and helps hundreds of businesses and residents get much-needed support during the pandemic.


During Jerry’s tenure as state rep, Beverly has received record amounts of funding for its school, with over $23 million in just the last two years. Beverly received over $50 million from the state for the middle school construction and hundreds of thousands of dollars to support efforts to protect our teachers and students during the COVID crisis.


Jerry serves as a lieutenant colonel in the Massachusetts National Guard and was co-chair of the Legislature’s Veterans Committee. He authored the HOME Act to ensure all veterans receive proper housing and related services. As a veteran himself with deployments to Bosnia and Iraq, he uses these experiences to fight for programs so that all veterans young receive the support they need.

Climate Change

Jerry voted to ensure Massachusetts is net-zero emissions by 2050 and for a landmark bill that will make Massachusetts a leader in offshore wind and provide millions in infrastructure upgrades to ensure we can support an expanded electric vehicle fleet throughout the Commonwealth. Families in Massachusetts can also receive free or reduced fees to make energy efficient upgrades in their homes. 

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